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Welcome to the Tiadaghton Audubon Society of Tioga and Potter Counties. Our chapter was founded in 1906 with 23 members, making it the oldest chapter in the state. The Tiadaghton name was selected in 1953, and in 1972 the chapter was officially chartered. To contact us, please use the Facebook link below left. (Photo: Scarlet tanager photographed near Hills Creek State Park here in Tioga County)

Friday, February 7, 2020

February 19, 2020 Meeting -- Landscape-Scale Bird Conservation

Please Join us in the Large Group Presentation Classroom at Wellsboro High School on February 19 for a program on "landscape scale" bird consevation by Dr Jeffery Larkin. We will post signs with directions to the room; same place as for the puffin talk last year. Business meeting starts at 6:00 and the program at 7:00.

Title: "Importance of landscape-scale bird conservation across private and public forest lands in Pennsylvania" by Dr. Jeffrey Larkin.

Description: Several studies have recently examined nesting and post-fledging habitat selection of many at-risk, forest-dependent songbirds. Collectively, this research provides a substantial body of evidence that suggests forest bird conservation is intimately tied to landscape context and configuration and within-stand structural complexity, regardless of nesting guild. As such, strategically increasing forest age class diversity has become an important focus of many forest-bird conservation efforts. This presentation will provide examples of successes and insight as to how a well-funded and well-organized partnership can overcome the many constraints that can often inhibit large-scale conservation implementation. The talk will be geared toward a diverse audience from private landowners, birders, and conservation organizations.

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