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Welcome to the Tiadaghton Audubon Society of Tioga and Potter Counties. Our chapter was founded in 1906 with 23 members, making it the oldest chapter in the state. The Tiadaghton name was selected in 1953, and in 1972 the chapter was officially chartered. To contact us, please use the Facebook link below left. (Photo: Scarlet tanager photographed near Hills Creek State Park here in Tioga County)

Cowanesque Lake

Cowanesque Lake is part of the Hammond-Tioga Lakes flood-control complex administered by the Army Corps of Engineers. The 1,090-acre lake with its 17 miles of shoreline is long and narrow with an east-west orientation. The major developed facilities are on the south shore, including picnic shelters, boat launches, restrooms, grassy fields and parking lots. Birding is still good here. The north shore has many open, brushy areas, particularly at the west end. Birders who want a less tamed environment may find this more to their taste. The lake is known as a local hot spot for shorebirds, including semipalmated, least, solitary, and spotted sandpipers, dunlins, greater and lesser yellowlegs, black-bellied plovers, and killdeer. Both ospreys and bald eagles nest here. It is hard to find a nicer place to bird than the Moccasin Trail, which runs about two miles along the north shore of the west half of the lake. Its rustic bridges, conveniently placed benches, and panoramic views of the lake make for a relaxing and wonderfully pleasant walk. In addition, like many places in this part of Pennsylvania, you most likely will have the trail to yourself.

Driving Instructions: From Lawrenceville PA on Route 15, turn west on Bliss Road (right next to the river) for the north half of the lake and the facility’s campground. The Moccasin Trail is just beyond the campground; trail heads are at 4.5 miles and 6.4 miles from Lawrenceville on Bliss Road. There are signs and parking at several points along the lake. The more developed south half of the lake can be accessed by turning west on 249 at the light in Lawrenceville and driving about 6 miles. Recreation areas are well-marked.

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